Annual Tree Information

This is an indicative list of what trees maybe in flower or bearing fruits throughout the year. It is not an exhaustive list, but an informative listing to encourage readers to explore further, and I suggest the Collins Book of British trees as a starting place.


The start of the autumn storms as winter approaches. No more verdant green colours on the trees, that now start to look rather threadbare as the leaves get blown off.

Late chestnuts are harvested, as are beech nuts and maybe even some late hazel nuts for human consumption.

For the birds and animals, spindle, geulder, hawthorn, whitebeam, sloe, sorbus, acorns, elder berries and many others are there for winter food.

Burdock, teasel, hemlock numerous wild seed bearing flowers too all providing food for the coming months abound, to feed the incoming migratory birds.