Prediction Map

Requests have been received for a map of the area covered by this website (though, at a push I will attempt other specific areas too). Here is a description of the parameters plus a map and some comments.

The area, starting at Dover (Kent), runs north up the North Sea to Lowestoft, turns west and inland to Thetford then turns southwards towards and onto the M11. Travels down the M11 to the M25 and turns west following the M25 to the M3 where it then swings south west to Southampton and then back eastwards to Dover along the English Channel. Everything within this zone concerns this website, though I appreciate that there are micro-climates within that area, which will have a local bearing.

Why such arbitrary parameters? I have noticed over the years that weather travelling east along the M4, arrives at the M25 and for the greater part turns northwards. Weather travelling east along the M3 arrives at the M25 and turns south, invariable petering out at Reigate. Weather travelling east along the M27/A259 is inclined to travel east and north towards the North Downs – but not always arriving.

In winter, with the cold easterly winds in East Anglia, cold weather travels east and south down the A11 to the M25. In Essex and Kent it comes off the North Sea, travelling east and uses the A12 and A13 in Essex towards the M25; in Kent it uses the M26, A229 and A249 towards the M20 and M25.

These are not idle comments but quite reliable observations, which help explain flooding in some parts of the M25 and not others during the summer months, and also the snow conditions in winter months on parts of the eastern road networks. For the observant, look and see if the above are broadly correct, you will be surprised too.

Map of Forecast Area