David King's Weather Without Technology – The Book
(Accurate Nature Based Weather Forecasting)

David King's Weather Without Technology Book

Weather Without Technology

By David King
(ISBN 978-0995547827)

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If our forefathers managed, without any technology at all, to foretell the weather at least one growing season (90 days) ahead with good accuracy, how is it that currently with all this wonderful technology to hand, the best forecasts are at best, six days ahead?

If our forefathers did it, then why not cannot I do it? So, 40 years ago, with a blank sheet, I started such an endeavour, the book is the story of how starting with nothing, in the intervening years I researched, interviewed, did a lot of leg work and the end result is that I have developed a methodology that is proven, tried and tested, which, despite claims to the contrary, produces advance predictive weather ( most certainly for the SE -but increasingly for other parts of the UK ) to a minimum accuracy of 90% (+/- 24 hours). The proof is in the results. Yes, I am the guy with South London accent who appears on the TV, who broadcasts on many BBC local radio stations too; if they keep inviting me back, then I must be doing something really well; I also do newspaper and magazine items and much more.

It may appear dull, but it is interesting, it is written in simple terms, everything is explained in words of one syllable, all you need is the ability to look and see (90% never see what is there), to understand the signs that nature, birds, animals, plants, the moon and common sense tell us. The aim is to educate, enlighten, interest and open up a free vista on just how nature tells us today, what is coming in 90 days time; how to be able to foretell the predominant wind direction for the next 90 days, and much more besides. The weather is an easy subject, I keep it easy, uncomplicated with no mysteries or buzz words.

A different weather book for sure, but always something interesting, that the reader can do, for free on every page.

200 pages, no illustrations, at £12.99 post free (in the UK), obtainable from me, via the Paypal facility above – I will personally endorse each copy.

I am no Shakespeare, but I do know my subject. I hope you enjoy the read.

Book Review by
Professor Paul Hardaker

Many of us have lost touch with the outdoors and our environment, at least the kind of connection that we would have had pre the industrial revolution. Since then our workstyles and lifestyles have brought us indoors and what David has reminded me of in this book, is that to all intents and purposes I walk around with my eyes closed. David also hints that we have lost touch with the traditions that go with that lifestyle, traditions that have been passed down through generations and passed on from years of experience.

It reminded me of Bill Foggitt, who was ever-present on the TV when I was young. Bill’s family had gathered continuous phenology and weather records from 1771, which he used together with his love of nature to make weather predictions. It’s a tradition that David continues in a very engaging way through this book.

Science and scientific knowledge is built on laws and axioms, and data that helps us understand physical processes. This is particularly true in physics, which is as a discipline fundamental and intrinsically reductionist. It is true that if you are looking for a text or a publication that will further physics or the scientific literature, then this is not the book for you. But that is not what this book is about. Even so David shows that he is more scientific in his approach than perhaps he thinks.

At its heart this is a very human story and David’s passion and enthusiasm really shines through. It is a very honest, open-minded book, that tells of someone with a lifelong interest, and a respect for the environment (I might even say a love of nature) and the people who he met along the way.

I hugely enjoyed reading David’s book. I learned something new, and it gave me a renewed interest in making sure that, whenever I am out and about, I no longer let the environment around me simply pass me by.

Paul Hardaker

Professor Paul Hardaker, FInstP, FRMetS, CMet Chief Executive of the Institute of Physics

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On the Internet

Search google for ‘David King weather’ and find entries in my name.

Similarly google ‘weather without technology’ and then search for items in my name.

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Perigee and Apogee numerous sites but again the best are the official sites.

A word of warning – Please do not download the saws and sayings from the Internet, most are inaccurate and a waste of time and space. The January data here shows you what is possible, and by then 13 months time you will have similar data for each month of the year from this site. Your patience and interest will be rewarded.

And finally, for a thoroughly interesting read of current meteorology type ‘Roger Brugge weather’ into Google and see what reams of fascinating data emerges.

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