Annual Flower Information

This entry is an indicative, but by no means comprehensive list of wild flowers that appear during each month throughout the year. There are hundreds of such wild flowers, and each will depend on the topography and other local variations; however the indicative list here is collected from a radius of 2 miles from Edenbridge here in the SE of England. Each plant is found growing in the wild and can be readily seen by anyone who looks and sees. This may sound a contrary comment, however, many look, but hardly anyone sees; a fact of life. I hope to enlighten your interest and actually make you look and see and when you see then the interest is sparked and knowledge gained.

I suggest two vital books to enhance this experience, both have full colour pictures and good explanatory notes.

Collins Complete Guide to British Wild Flowers by Paul Sherry
ISBN: 978-0-00-723684-8.
Wild Flowers of Britain by Roger Phillips. ISBN: 0 70635580.

Historically over time, certain flowers can be accurately dated by day as blooming on that day. The actual flowering determines how advanced or retarded the season is, but, for the greater part, these plants do appear as indicated year in year out. As such these plants will be the first separate entry for each month.

It is significant that each historical flower is associated with a Christian Saint’s day or other such religious event; this stems from the origins in the mediaeval times that all my foundation methodology is based, and as such has proved to be both accurate and reliable.


Historical flower of the month is, on 1st (Lammas), the Camomile, then on the 15th (Assumption day) the Virgin’s bower (Clematis) and finally on the 24th (St Bartholomew) the Sunflower.

This is for all practical terms the last month of any new flowerings, most plants are now dying back and laying seeds for the next year, this includes too the numerous grasses, sedges and water plants – all of which are detailed in the two books I have suggested. This month is also the season of fruits, nuts and berries to be harvested

First flowerings:

Amphibious Bistort

Elder Berries

Butchers Broom

Wild Figs

Black Byrony


Corn Spurry

Yellow Camomile