Comments Made About David King

I am a freelance adventure travel/outdoors journalist and I would love to interview you for Mpora, the biggest outdoor adventure online magazine in the UK and I think your methods would make a very interesting article for our readers."

Nina Zeitman - Mpora journalist - 6/7/2017

Hi Dave what a fascinating read your website is! As an amateur meteorologist I love looking at nature, cyclical weather patterns and solar and lunar influences on our planet and the effects of the sun and moon. I will follow your forecasts with interest. Many thanks."

Chris Orpin - 4/7/2017

Many months ago I contacted you for your advice on the weather for 13th June 2017 Well I delighted to say that you were spot on and the weather was fantastic. Everyone was so grateful for your excellent advice particularly as the event was outside and everything was perfect."

Francine Liebert - The Holocaust Survivors Centre NW4 - 14/6/2017

Hi Dave, hope you are well. I'm looking to get your take on a weather-related story if that's OK. Cheers."

Sam Durkin - Journalist The Scottish Sun - 8/6/2017

Learn how to forecast the weather with local weather guru Dave."

Sigrid Sherrell - Editor Edenbridge Chronicle newspaper - 18/6/2017

Amazing fascinating and interesting evening, now THAT was an awesome talk, delivered with great humour and wit, a brilliant talk that made us all think Sod John Kettley....... Dave King is my weather man!! Absolutely fascinating evening."

Lauren Bleach - Lowestoft Moot - 18/5/2017

Dear David, I would like to feature 'Weather without Technology' in Watkins Mind Body Spirit magazine. Can you do me a 500-550 words article and get it to me please? Yours sincerely."

Stephen Gawtry - Managing Editor - 13/7/2017

Hello David, listened to your bit on Radio Norfolk a couple of weeks ago was thoroughly enthralled!! Have checked out your website and it's great. I will be following you."

Joanne Brown - 5/8/2017

Hi Dave, I wanted to say your weather forecast was spot. We did have rain but luckily it was only when we getting ready and it stopped for the ceremony. Then the sun shone and no more rain for the rest of the day. We had an amazing day and our daughter looked beautiful."

Sue Kemp - happy contented Mother - 10/9/2017

Hello David, I've been fascinated by your work. The book is for my husband - The great cynic who dismisses all apparent 'mumbo-jumbo' etc and anything he doesn't class as scientific. So if you've convinced him I would call that a result."

Julie Newell - 21/8/2017

I see from my good old Sunday Express app that 'September will be warmer than usual. And knowing how reliable that source of information is I would say 'round 1 to David King.' Your book to is right about all the oak apples this year too."

Julie Newell - 3/9/2017

Hi David, I am from KMTV a new TV station here in Kent we would love to have you on our evening news programme today to tell us about this warm spell, please let me know if you can do?."

Duarte Dias - KMTV Producer - 22/8/2017

Hi David. my mum saw you on the telly recently but she mentioned it twice, which caught my attention so I had a ferret and found you. I have read your blog and find it fascinating, and you are correct, even here in Edinburgh the winter signs are here already, can u believe?"

Ciaran Dvid - Edinburgh - 15/8/2017

There is only one person we can ask and get the correct answer, and that is our This Morning Weather Guru, Dave King."

Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.........This Morning ITV - 2017

Last time we had weather expert Dave King on the show he predicted a scorching July - and he was right - 34C was recorded. So we now ask him for his autumn predictions."

Eamon Holmes and Ruth Langford....... This Morning ITV Show - 2017

I watched you on telly today. It was refreshing to see a man of passion and real dignity, among (my apologies, but I'm going to be judgemental) ...among a giggly, fairly idiotic couple of lightweights. I have learned a lot from listening to and 'hearing' you. Nature is our teacher. You showed real grace and rose above the distractions too. Well done and thank you."

David Schofield. MSc, BA, Plymouth 7 Hull Universities MBA - 9/8/2017

Hi Dave, Your appearance on 'This Morning' sparked my interest, it was so absorbing. Ashamed to say I never heard about you before this. I have a thousand questions, but no doubt many will be answered in the book. Thank you."

Nancy Martin - Edinburgh - 9/8/2017

David, we would like you here on This Morning on 9th August again please, can you manage that? We appreciate your participation greatly with us. Thank you."

Production Team - ITV This Morning Show 5/8/2017

Prediction for our big day! – Despite the BBC's insistence that the 27th June was going to consist of heavy showers and thunder all day; I was so relieved to see that they were wrong, and if I'd had a thermometer I'm pretty sure it would have said 22 degrees at 4pm - just as you said! The weather was perfect, as was our day."

Jo and David's Wedding
Jo & David - David Woolfall Photography - 8/7/2014

It would be easy to write of Dave the Weather as a man with perhaps too much time of his hands. Or simply someone who reads too much into nature. So we put him to the test. We interviewed him several weeks ago for this article and asked him then what he forecast for Easter....... his results were surprisingly accurate."

Chris Murphy - Kent on Sunday 27/4/2014

Thank you for your e-mail, I have no doubt you are very sincere in what you say, however will you please leave the weather, to the experts, and stop writing such drivel." This was in answer to headline in Daily Star 6/4/2014 promising 6 weeks of glorious summer weather. I asked the author of the item for her source, but received no reply! However one of her editors, Robert Ross of Daily Star sent the above paraphrased missive.

Robert Ross - Daily Star, 6/4/2014

I have come across your name many times actually, My girl friend mentioned you to me some time ago knowing when she read an article about your amazing skills. I am a freelance photographer, I work for magazines and corporate clients shooting portraits. I would love to come and take portraits of you since you seem such a fascinating person and it would be a pleasure to meet you and take your portrait, to add to my portfolio on my website."

David Woolfall Photography - 30/1/2014

I am doing research into a BBC One Show series for April next year and hope to include your forecasting techniques - a film will be shot looking at non Met Office forecasters, it sounds like something that would interest you and I would like to discuss this more.

Bruno Rinvolucri - BBC Science - 5/8/2013

I am from The Big Issue and my editor has asked me to write an item about you and the weather predicting you do, how are your predictions coming true, and what have we ahead of us?"

Steven MacKenzie - Editorial team - The Big Issue. 23/29/7/2013

I am a freelance weather presenter for the BBC and am interested in your story, can we have a chat. Thanks Dave, good word (phenology) and we can definitely work together, I am doing a pilot for the One Show.

Georgina Burnett BBC Weather Georgina Burnett, BBC Freelance - 22/7/2013

BBC South East is very interested in producing a report about your ability to predict the weather. We would appreciate an hour of your time in the local countryside to hear how you do this.

Gabriella Barrett - Producer BBC SE 15/7/2013

I am contacting you from BBC World News, we would like to invite you to a TV discussion on Friday about your ways of predicting the weather."

Zarghuna Kargar - Producer BBC World News 15/7/2013

Forget the Met Office and just look at the swallows. An ex policeman tells how he may have the edge of predicting the weather."

Specialist item The Times - Lucy Bannerman -13/7/2013

Thank you so much for taking part in the show (The Paul Hudson Weather Show - Radio York), you were a complete star and if the opportunity arises to use you again I certainly will."

Andrew Barton - producer Radio York 4/4/2013

I am to the Meteorological world what the homeopathic doctors are to the medical profession."

The Weather Club magazine - Autumn 2012

Expert predicts we will return to drought and a long winter ahead, forecaster reveals how nature hints at future weather.

Sharan Marris - Edenbridge Courier - 7/9/2012.

David King is something of a phenomenon in the world of weather forecasting. Having spent the last 50 years watching signs of nature, he believes his cross-referencing system has now reached 90% accuracy rate - up to 9 months ahead."

Dr David Bramwell Radio 3, Ne're cast a clout. 4/9/2012

Repeated by popular request Radio 4, Pick of the week 10/9/2012.

Sara Jane Hall - BBC producer 10/9/2012

Former policeman David King, 72, also reckons London will swelter in the second week of the Olympics from August 6th. The respected amateur meteorologist, who uses phases of the moon and his observations of nature to make his predictions said, 'unfortunately this wet weather and cold easterly wind is going to stay with us to the end of June. The second week of the Olympics will be a scorcher."

Daily Mirror - 19/6/2012

Thank you for your letter of 8th April (2012), from which careful note has been taken of your comments regarding possible tidal issues on the Thames during the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant."

Jennie Vine - Buckingham Palace - 24/4/2012

Some time since we last e-mailed but I wanted to say thank you for your help in forecasting the weather on 27th July this year (2012) for my son's wedding. Oh and by the way you dead on. 23°C cloudy bright little rain in the morning but nothing to speak of - got a bit sticky around 4pm. Incidentally the BBC were saying rain from 11am to 4pm how wrong can they be. Many thanks"

Karen Warren @ Warren Services .com - 10/9/2012

Another independent forecaster, David King, says he 'ducked out,'(of the BBC Radio 4 Weather Test) because the project became so 'factional' and because of reports that Mr Harrabin had taken money from green groups."

Robert Verkaik - Daily Mail - 12/2/2012

Meteorologists don't like David King - because he often proves them wrong."

' Sharan Marris - Edenbridge Courier - 17/2/2012

Come rain or shine, David's the weatherman you believe."

Sharon Marris - Edenbridge Courier - 11/11/2011

David King is no anorak, someone should give him a slot on TV."

Robert Butler - More Intelligent Life - 10/10/2011

How wonderful, it's nice to see such an informative website on weather, predictions and origins."

Michelle Main - Website inbox - 20/8/2013