And now for something completely different, advance predicting the weather here in the SE of England without reference to any technology, but by just using established saws and sayings, proven data and the most important and vital ingredient of all, nature.

If you have an interest in a non-technical, easy, informative, interesting and educative form of reading the weather then this is the web-site for you.

And just to set the problem that I decided to solve some 35 years ago into some perspective, the simple question is:

Without reference to any modern technology, radio, TV, newspapers, mobile Apps and any other such source how ever do you tell what the weather might be like exactly 16 weeks ahead of the day you read this?

Stay with this and I will try and help you – just using nature and some old tried and tested saws and sayings.

Is it Hocus-pocus or mumbo-jumbo?

At the end it is for you to judge, the answer may surprise you.

I finish this introduction with a major caveat, I do not attempt to forecast daily weather, I attempt to provide and indicative advance prediction of the weather ahead. I will provide a reasonable accurate outline, based on all my data, if you require daily weather then I suggest the BBC farming weather or the costal stations shipping forecasts on a daily basis.

If a special request arrives (weddings are a favourite) then I will attempt a special daily forecast. My aim is to provide an accuracy of 90% working six months in advance. Since we do not have climate here in the UK, we only have weather, and sometimes four seasons in a single day, this is tall order, and as result, sometimes it all goes pear shaped. When this unfortunate occurrence does happen, I make great effort to see why, and 99% of the time, it is that I have interpreted the data incorrectly, Nature is very precise and rarely wrong. Nature indeed looks after its own.

Such data is necessary for farmers, growers, horticulturalist and all those whose livelihood depends on the weather. It is also surprisingly useful to the flower sellers who sell from stalls, since they need to know what the weather will be, since it is, for example, no use displaying Freesias in the cold, since frost will kill them, similarly in the few hot days we do have, some flowers do not appreciate the sun so hot. I supply this data on a regular basis to all the above, plus all the local emergency services, Royal Mail, all the parcel and courier services. I will supply to anyone who asks and freely answer requests from local or national press, all the data is open. I do not guess, if I am unable to say, then I make no comment.

One small request please, I have no objection to anyone using data from this website, all I ask is that if any such data is used then you name the source in full.


Welcome to the new website.

The site will in due course be added to over the coming months, and if any reader has any comment to improve the content, please use the ‘contact’ heading to suggest anything that might be pertinent. I will always reply to any e-mail.